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Vonnegut became a man without a country who wondered what God would think were he alive today because he had spent more than half a century doing pretty much what Slaughterhouse-Five's Billy Pilgrim did both as an optometrist and more especially when talking about Tralfamadore: prescribing corrective lenses to a nation that refused to the see the error of its ways and that had increasingly become over the course of what Henry Luce jingoistically dubbed "the American Century" a danger to the rest of the world and an embarrassment to itself and the principles it so noisily proclaims.
Don't worry, I'm not about to make the fatuous claim that "we've got the best league in the world" or start jingoistically hailing any teenage English midfielder who has a decent game for Middlesbrough's reserves as "potentially world-class".
In 1823, Japanese writer Sat-o Nobuhio penned a piece titled Kondo Hisaku, "A Secret Strategy for Expansion," asserting jingoistically that "Japan is the foundation of the world" and that the states of the world should be made "provinces and districts of Japan.