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So, these are issues that must be interrogated by patriotic Nigerians-not ethnic warlords, not religious jingoists, those who have absolutely nothing to offer apart from the fact that they belong to a particular group or religious sect but they want to divide us so that they will have personal gains.
This is mainly because aside from the nurses and jingoists, everyone else is cordoned off into one big group of weepy wailers, waiting for their men to come home to love, or bury.
SRINAGAR -- Indian army while expressing fear of commandos' attacks of new pattern on the borders has alleged Pakistan army has set up Border Action Team (BAT) comprising commandos and hardened jingoists for murderous attacks.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Manish Tewari said: " 'Beehive' metaphor denoting energy diligence and cohesion completely went over heads of some self appointed jingoists.
Leaders of all parties are paralysed by fear of flag-waving jingoists accusing London of a sell-out.
Politicians, bureaucrats, special interests, do-gooders, social engineers, busybodies, and jingoists wanting to remake the world into their image or get something at other people's expense clamor for more laws.
On one side were government propagandists like the novelist John Buchan and jingoists like Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle, most politicians and military strategists.
And all the while, Israel's right-wing government is rife with its own brand of anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian incitement, disseminated mainly by supposedly respectable and even esteemed religious figures like Shas leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and rabblerousing jingoists like Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his associates.
Flag-waving jingoists who believe the United States possesses cultural supremacy and therefore has a right to global hegemony will not like this book.
It is worse to put in charge civilian leaders who are suspicious opponents of the military--just as such powers should never be in the hands of jingoists or ignorant military groupies.
With the exception of the jingoists and diehards, the benefits that flow from a free trade in capital, goods and services have been generally welcomed.
She once wrote: "Liberals mock Americans who love their country, calling them cowboys, warmongers, religious zealots and jingoists.