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Jitter recorded with concentric needle (CN) electrodes has been studied in healthy controls and in myasthenia gravis (MG) patients.
In this study we retrospectively evaluated the recordings of patients who were examined using a 37-mm CNE in voluntary activated periocular muscles and showed normal jitter values according to the described values for the SFEMG electrode.
Silicon Labs' jitter measurement tool for PCIe technology is available to developers now and can be downloaded free of charge at www.
With the advent of sophisticated silicon receiver equalisation, higher levels of jitter tolerance must be tested and faults corrected.
Vijay Kulkarni, the CEO of the company said, “When a signal traverses a network, the jitter generated by a DUT becomes the input jitter to the next part of the network.
Jitter is defined as the deviation of data stream threshold crossings from their ideal timing.
Jitter arises from a number of sources, including aging of clock circuits, thermal and loading effects, Doppler shifts, and de-multiplexing from higher bit rate data streams.
Key Capability: Capturing the data stream in real-time with multiple points per transition edge allows the SDA 18000 to recover the embedded clock and phase lock to it, for precise jitter measurements.
A new microscope system can compensate for those jitters, known as Brownian motion.
The effect of trigger jitter on the measurement of signals is to add signal-dependent noise and to reduce the measurement bandwidth or, equivalently, to slow the step response of the measurement instrumentation.
These signals display good rise and fall times, controlled overshoot and undershoot, and an acceptable amount of jitter, as evidenced by the width of each eye opening.