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Generates user-defined jitter value against an input jitter tolerance mask to test DUTs capability to tolerate large amounts of generated jitter.
m] is the trigger jitter corresponding to the mth waveform, [s.
This amount of jitter will likely cause transmission errors with some receivers.
The SAW filters are high-Q Quartz devices that enable the circuit to achieve low phase jitter performance over a wide operating temperature range.
The new jitter modulation source and passive linear equalizers complement the existing MP1800A BERT analysis capabilities for testing today's high-speed designs.
Jitter tolerance is the ability of the Deserializer to properly recover data in the presence of large amounts of Random, Deterministic, and Total jitter.
NASA officials now plan a "dynamics test" in which engineers will give the telescope's position-holding "reaction wheels" a precisely specified nudge and then measure the jitter response, Nurre says.
Managing clock jitter is especially critical in high-speed applications since this noise degrades overall system performance, impacting the design's bit-error-rate (BER) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
Having two record-setting days in one week is a phenomenal achievement for No Jitter, and speaks to the quality and timeliness of the analysis that our readers have come to depend on from No Jitter," Knight continued.
A major breakthrough enabled by Jitter Map is the ability to decompose jitter on patterns longer than PRBS-15, such as PRBS-23 and PRBS-31.