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But we've now made the job description areas part of the evaluation word-for-word.
When writing a job description, consider the following examples of job features and corresponding functions:
The library assistant and library technician generic job descriptions were completed and reallocation of staff undertaken.
Where accurate and properly documented job descriptions are maintained by the employer, treating physicians can review the essential job functions and better inform both the employee and the employer as to when the employee will be ready to go back to work and what limitations, if any, should be followed.
The process of a candidate search usually begins with a visit from an account representative to define the job description and requirements and to indicate the desired type of candidate for that work environment.
Diversity in job descriptions is a fact of life for Bowers, installation travel officer for the past six years.
In order to qualify for expedited processing, the job being offered must fit within one of the following seven generic job descriptions and the salary being offered by the company to the worker must fall within the per annum salary range specified by Canada Immigration for each of the job descriptions:
Established in 1987, KnowledgePoint assets include "Performance Impact," a software-based performance management system, "Performance Now," for writing employee performance appraisals, "Descriptions Now," designed to help managers develop job descriptions that comply with employment law, "Policies Now," for the development of company policies and employee handbooks, and "People Manager," an HR info system.
To ensure that a company's money is being put where its mouth is, all job descriptions must be linked directly to the company's written policies.
With corporate downsizing and the resultant redistribution of work across the organization's human resource base, job descriptions have taken on increased utility.
In one of its least-noted but most disturbing effects, the ADA gives employers powerful new reason to devise and adhere to formal job descriptions.
Review the employees written job descriptions and evaluations.