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It denounces past legislation, but it only refers to the capital commission as an illustration of past jobbery and corruption.
4- Preparing the procedures simplifying system is underway for the time being in cooperation with the government of Holland and issuing the directory of the governmental services for the public and private sector to provide the service-seeker with the information about the needed procedures and to protect him from the brokers and jobbery.
26, 1857, at 4; see also The Quarterly Review, Tampering with Jurors and Political Jobbery, N.
Another news item observed, "dissension and back-biting, jobbery, and alleged stealing seem to have been the rule.
WORLD BANK JOBBERY (The Wall Street Journal, New York)
Just as soon as the computers can be made to work--in this regard incompetence and jobbery must be seen as freedom's allies--it will be possible for the authorities to examine the medical records of everyone in Britain.
It demonstrated what happened when an economy based on morally righteous and socially useful productive labour was abandoned in favour of various forms of jobbery that sought to somehow generate wealth without its necessity.
But slowly, over time, this neutrality and independence gave way to jobbery and politicking solely for receiving undue favors.
Nepotism and jobbery were also severely criticised by the Quaid-i-Azam.
The jobbery of grafting politicians brings huge rewards, but the total is peanuts compared to the thieving of the big shots in the business world.