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By the mid-1980s, Italian politics was a by-word for corruption, jobbery, wasteful ~pork barrel' legislation and the pointless pursuit of personal power by the political elite.
In his address before the Constituent Assembly on 11th August 1947, he vowed to fight corruption, bribery and black marketing, and asseverated not to tolerate jobbery and nepotism.
The Ombudsman Bureau's Acting President, Ala'eddin Armouti, said on Saturday that the bureau referred 20 cases involving violations in delivery of public service and jobbery to the ACC as a result of the memorandum of understanding signed between the ACC, Ombudsman Bureau and the Audit Bureau.
William Graham Sumner, an anti-imperialist classical liberal of the 19th century, noted that intervention translates to "war, debt, taxation, diplomacy, a grand governmental system, pomp, glory, a big army and navy, lavish expenditures, political jobbery.
He said that journalists were associated with a noble profession and they could help change destiny of the nation if they used the power of their pen for elimination of corruption, ignorance, jobbery, nepotism and oppression from society.
Furthermore, this procedure can prove the judge's innocence against the accusation of jobbery and corruption and will also protect his given verdict against criticisms and flaws.
He promised to oppose humbug, pride, jobbery, favouritism and unnecessary expense and strongly denounced the conduct of the police.
4-Abolishment each policy begets an artificial gap between demand and supply as the disadvantages of such policy create rooms for the black market , brokers , brokerage and jobbery.
When Reagan swept into office in 1980, Wolfe, a Hillsdale College graduate, was on staff with NR, where his initial euphoria gradually turned into dismay at the carnival of jobbery and hypocrisy that followed the election among his movement pals, many of them eager to join this well-paying "revolution.
Along with many other things, good and bad, has arrived this great evil, the evil of nepotism and jobbery.