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On the occasion, family members of the deceased and a large number of jobless Chingchi drivers and office-bearers of Chingchi and CNG Rickshaws Association were present.
Counties across the state posted high jobless figures in January, according to the estimates.
Nevertheless, the seasonally-adjusted jobless total -- which irons out seasonal fluctuations -- fell by 3,000 to 2.
Social Protection Minister Joan Burton said: "I am particularly concerned about the situation of children living in jobless households.
According to CEPD, jobless youths in OECD countries total around 11 million, and ome 23 million youths are labeled "NEET" (people "not in education, employment, or training"), of which about 50% have given up job hunting.
I am eager to watch Jobless Warrior help build that dream for our heroes.
This scheme has worked well in America and is certainly better than allowing the jobless to doss in boredom.
12 million people in June, the Labour Ministry said, as jobless numbers dropped in services, construction and industry.
The authority said Turkey's jobless rate decreased by 2.
The Slovak Spectator reports that the largest number of long-term jobless people was recorded in Presov Region (44 469).
DWS spokesperson Kimberly Friedman said August represented the first time since February that the state's jobless rate had increased, but the current rate of 7.
The total number of jobless people fell 280,000 from a year before to 3.