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The result of this intriguing double reading of classical myth is an extremely complex genre, which meditates on the cosmic convergence of the jocose and the serious--the insignificance or "comedy" of individual destiny in the greater scheme of things--even as genuinely tragic events may be represented on the stage.
There isn't much I miss about New Mexico (especially the near impossibility of drawing quality big-game-tags), but I do miss Alan's jocose wit and contagious fervor, making hunting wood and those hours in his sawdust-heaped shop.
But from the gentle to the jocose, to the positively different, and that's where the Oliver Brady extravaganza comes in.
Teilhard's comments on the Dawn Man in his letter to Dr Oakley have for me the authentic Jesuit flavour of evasion softened by a jocose approach.
THE TOPIC: "If you could make the public understand that my father was not a joyous, jocose gentleman walking about the world with a plum pudding and a bowl of punch," Charles Dickens's daughter wrote to playwright George Bernard Shaw after her father's death, "you would greatly oblige me.
Lies are generally divided into 1) malicious, 2) officious, and 3) jocose lies.
You were our best friend, made us feel so special, and we're so jocose (look it up).
But brother Brian said: "It is important to stress that the Minister of State in question made it clear that he was speaking in a jocose sense.
The atmosphere evoked in Ensor's paintings is certainly jocose, but it seldom tickles laughter.
The Pardoner demonstrates similar concerns in his Prologue: as James Rhodes observes, the Pardoner actually imitates the style of the Wife, by admitting openly to the worst of what the pilgrim audience suspects is true, and he exploits whatever advantage this honesty or jocose boasting yields.
My discretion omitted the mention of Osama holed-up in the 1990s in Kandahar planning the raid and this time I was grateful for the re-appearance of our host, whose jocose Pashtun remarks sent the young panther back to his lair at the end of the table.
These include the Past/Forward program, July 14-16, with Mark Dendy's premiere and ADF students performing vintage dances; Laura Dean's Tympani; Erick Hawkins' New Moon: and Hanya Holm's Jocose.