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Wilfred Bohun stood rooted to the spot long enough to see the idiot go out into the sunshine, and even to see his dissolute brother hail him with a sort of avuncular jocularity.
A sort of sinister jocularity had crept into the tones of the burly feminist.
Or she might cover up any of those kinds of emotions with an exterior of jocularity.
And given this depiction, the laughter and jocularity of show business would then spill over into real life, with gays and lesbians in the real world, for instance, marginalized and rarely taken seriously.
On a day of casual attire and jocularity, state senators still approved a major transparency measure that would require grand jury proceedings to start being audio recorded in Oregon.
You put on a facade and join in the jocularity, but when you get home reality kicks in.
Featuring a naked brown body in close proximity to the museum's blue-chip collection, Nude Laughing evidenced the manner in which Jeff Koons's massive polychrome Tulips, 1995-2004, and Christopher Wool's Untitled, 1990 (a series of spare black-and-white canvases reading run dog run), proclaim their white male makers' privilege to take up space: The works' cool jocularity was rendered gloriously and grossly inarticulate by Ibarra's bombastic presence.
The snarling countenance and popping veins of his playing days may have gone to be replaced by a disarming jocularity which has allowed him to forge a relaxed relationship with the squad, although he remains relentlessly focussed on the job at hand.
When, amid no little jocularity, the German was informed Liverpool last lifted the trophy as recently as 2012, he said: "Oh yeah, then hopefully
From an orchestral point of view Nielsen's Violin Concerto is 'typical' Nielsen, with its quirky mix of banal charm, muscle-stretching jocularity (often with a dark undertone) and woodwind exchanges that appear to undermine the main discourse - subtleties that, perhaps understandably, were not totally within the grasp of these young players.
Can we take recourse to jocularity - and get away with it - as one young man did recently while bantering with friends about their professions (which he didn't consider 'real' jobs chiefly because he was not doing them): "Fitness coach for children - not a job; online start-up - not a job; home supply of health food - not a job; my job - real.
This first story sets the mindscape for the jocularity and derision in the other stories that follow.