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For instance, in 1771 a Boston newspaper jocularly discussed an "idiot, approaching so near the bestial kind, that 'twould be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish him from the beast, were he not covered with a human body.
I recalled a book, jocularly entitled "So You Don't Get Hit on the Back of Your Head" and published in 2008 by a former policeman named Omar Afifi.
At its best, Wright's study grants Byron's jocularly jaundiced wish: it explains the explanations that Coleridge offered repeatedly and at length over the last decade of his life.
Friend and former Test cricketer Ali Bacher was quoted by Sport24, as saying that Gordon is undefeated at 103, and jocularly added that old age is catching up with him.
One other recent death that struck home for me was that of the irrepressible poet and essayist Diann Blakely, who for years has addressed me jocularly as "Miss Wisconsin" (after a Christina Thompson who came by that title honestly in 2007).
The satirists jocularly said it seems that the National Dialogue of Omer al-Bashir has become an (April Fool's) and a trap for the opposition; but only managed to catch in its trap the ones of the right size.
Youdale, jocularly likened to Spaniard Rafael Nadal by teammates and coaches for his left-handedness, claims the strength in depth of the squad was the key factor in comfortably claiming the title this term.
He was unimpressed, but now rates Suarez alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, insists Liverpool would be mid-table without him and, yesterday, expressed his regret, albeit jocularly, at having hoped his countryman would stay on Merseyside last summer.
This suits the tone of the Drinke and Welcome as well, which we might characterize as jocularly jingoistic or nationalist.
16) Early in the preparation process for this speech, he even more jocularly suggested the following title: "What Economists Don't Know--That Can Hurt You
32) Emerson, in a lecture of 1858, referred jocularly to several varieties, naming two of them the "Bite-me-if-you-dare" and the "Beware-of-this.
In Havana last March, when Pope Benedict sat down with Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader jocularly asked his fellow octogenarian: "What does a pope do?