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The online survey showed the alarming differences women experience while working out compared to men, who only accounted for 4 percent of those harassed while jogging.
Jogging builds one's immune system and the body becomes stronger and can resist infections.
Prof Ijaz Chaudhry, a regular morning-walker, told reporter on Sunday that all of us have to be careful while on the jogging track at the park since no repairs have been carried out since the jogging track was laid down at the park.
Often I stopped jogging, caught my breath, and took a walk instead.
It turns out the ideal amount of jogging for a long life is between one to two hours each week at a slow pace.
Lead scientist Dr Peter Schnohr said: "It is important to emphasise that the pace of the slow joggers corresponds to vigorous exercise and strenuous jogging corresponds to very vigorous exercise.
The study, which tracked hours of jogging, frequency, and the individual's perception of pace, found that over the 12-year study strenuous joggers were as likely to die as sedentary non-joggers, while light joggers had the lowest rates of death.
To this end, the Multi-Purpose Jogging Belt has been conceived.
Until that day you didn't see a bunch of older people - housewives, professors - jogging around a track.
The data, presented in May at a symposium sponsored by the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation in Dublin, show that jogging at a slow or average pace for between one hour and two-and-a-half hours per week increases life expectancy by 6.
JOGGING for as little as an hour a week can put years on your life, new research has shown.
Washington, May 4 ( ANI ): Regular jogging augments the life span of men by 6.