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Besides the mainline Japan Airlines, five other members of the JAL Group will also join oneworld as affiliates - JALways, Japan Asia Airways, JAL Express, J-Air and Japan Transocean Air.
Heartthrob Barry Watson leaves the cast of ``7th Heaven'' to join its writing staff (he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease), and he'll be scribbling about new characters played by Ashlee Simpson (younger sister of singer Jessica), who'll play a potential love interest for Simon (David Gallagher, who is promised more screen time), and Rachel Blanchard (``Road Trip''), who'll play a cop.
The show included pen-and-ink drawings, prints, books (such as an ambitious study of stuck-out tongues throughout art history), and even sound recordings, including one of Join and Jean Dubuffet doing what sounds like free jazz on recorders.
Willetts, who will lead the group's rapidly expanding Midwest practice, which serves private equity firms, hedge funds and corporate acquirers, joins managing directors Nick Alvarez, Jack McCarthy and Paul Aversano, the three other national practice leaders who are based in New York.
Introducing K3220 vibration welding cell, which can join 2-meter-long parts and incorporates automatic load/unload stations.
We'll play I-AA football, we'll play nonconference until we can find a conference that we'll be able to join,'' Kennedy said.
Fruscione joins Wilde as director of procurement and estimating.
In recent years, this non-contact technology has appealed to European firms that join precise, high-value parts.
As the only retail grocer to join the Registry, Safeway has made a clear and powerful statement to its customers and shareholders about the importance of the retail sector in driving GHG emission changes and investing in clean energy.
Michael Pace joins FTI as senior managing director in the Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice in Chicago.
Trevor Birch joins FTI Palladium Partners, the interim management arm of FTI's Corporate Finance/Restructuring practice, as senior managing director in FTI's London office.