join issue

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Although it is for economic experts and economists to join issue with him in a learned talk on his claims, the IMF recipes are under tremendous assailment nowadays in the very heart of the hemisphere from where comes traditionally its chief by dint of a deal amongst the world's arbiters.
But Latalomne's departure at the next opened things up and his resilient partner responded gamely to join issue with leader Cenkos going to the last.
However, his job had been done, and along came Nayef on the bridle to join issue with Moon Ballad.
The five-year-old ex-hurdler was given a patient ride off the pace before being produced with a challenge to join issue with the leaderDannymolone at the last.
But despite being trapped behind a wall of horses and taking more pulls than the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Oli never panicked and made smooth progress to join issue two from home.