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A lack of success, coupled with potential side effects such as joint damage risk via sheath connections amongst the ganglia and tendon or joint capsules has led to a general abandonment of such injections.
Furthermore, by using the technique of injecting tinted latex into the metatarsophalangeal joint capsule, we were able to visualize the structures of the metatarsophalangeal joint space and provide information on a technique for arthrography in the ostrich.
Anteriorly, the strength of the joint capsule comes directly from fibrous expansions from the fascia lata and iliotibial band, and from the vasti muscle group.
It was observed that the articular disc separating the articular cavity into two independent spaces was connected to the joint capsule (Fig.
Excision was performed by surgeon and removal of capsule and the stalk of the ganglion was ensured including 1 to 2 mm margin of tendon sheath or joint capsule depending upon the origin of the ganglion.
In the present study there was no statistically significant decrease in mouth opening but these find- ings contradicts with results of Triantafillidou who treated twenty-five patients with autologous blood injection into the upper joint space and around the joint capsule (group A).
His joint capsule was completely torn and there was a laceration in two tendons of his index finger.
Examinations revealed multiple soft-tissue lesions, including an avulsion of the lateral femoral condyle, ruptures of the joint capsule as well as of the biceps femoris, gastrocnemic and plantaris muscles.
A This is a condition where the joint capsule of the shoulder becomes tight and painful resulting in reduced movement of the joint.
Some believe the presence of a meniscal flounce on MR imaging results from laxity of the joint from ligamentous injury and distension of the joint capsule and internal structures by joint effusions.
After appearance of contracture of any etiology the secondary deep changes are developed in muscles, tendons and ligaments, joint capsule, skin with subcutaneous tissue, fascia and even cartilage and bone tissues with expiration of date.

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