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Typically we get a good back-and-forth going with the other investigators involved, and it's sort of a joint discussion, and we bounce hypotheses off each other.
Other issues expected to be addressed in the joint discussion are the capacity development for programs of peace and security and peacekeeping mission discussions.
In a joint discussion panel with Hamood Sangour Al Zadjali, Executive President of Central Bank of Oman, on regulators' views on market opportunities and risks, Al Mansoori said the developments in the global economy were confusing and interesting as a result of US economic growth, slowdown of the European economy and projected growth in China.
Gaudette has sent letters to various town officials in Worcester County requesting a joint discussion on the fiscal crunch local towns are facing in dealing with reduced state aid.
Minister of Interior stressed the importance of joint discussion of the case with the Iraqi security authorities, in addition to discussing ways of cooperation in the area of combating terrorism, and trafficking such materials that are used in implementing terrorist operations that threaten security and safety of citizens and residents.
According to the country's media outlets, annual meetings of this format are needed "in order to strengthen the cohesion of the people, the effective use of rich life experience and wise principles of elders in joint discussion and solution of pressing issues of the country.
Around the word today, the level of women's participation in key decision-making processes is increasingly seen as a measure of economic viability," said Jafar, in a joint discussion during a conference session titled Social Responsibility: More Women Leaders, Better Corporate Social Responsibility.
In addition to a joint discussion with the FAIR, TIS, and EENR Policy Steering Committees that focused on sustainable development, regional and multi-jurisdictional collaboration, and access to credit and alternative financing for infrastructure and other projects, Michelle Whetten, vice president, Gulf Coast, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
I have therefore invited the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as the political foundations to a joint discussion next week on possible support measures," Markus Loning concluded.
This mechanism for joint discussion between the professions should offer opportunity to engage in broader areas of discussion and it should also allow for discussion of "physician" issues and health care issues, not just "nursing" issues.
Until now I've allowed the players to decide but now there will be a joint discussion.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board recently issued a joint Discussion Paper detailing the changes to operating leases, a component in the boards' convergence program.

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