joint effect

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Regaining his faculties by slow and faint glimmerings, he at length sat upright; and, displaying a very yellow face, a very red nose, and a very bristly beard: the joint effect of which was considerably heightened by a dirty white handkerchief, spotted with blood, drawn over the crown of his head and tied under his chin: stared ruefully at Ralph in silence, until his feelings found a vent in this pithy sentence:
For each objective, the OAT presents two assessments: one of progress toward the overall joint effect and one of airpower's contribution toward that effect (see fig.
PRD and PAN, the party with a star and the party with a marketing plan respectively, achieved a joint effect in the 2006 campaigns.
The variability in production across parcels (named as management effect, after appropriately controlling the difference in parcel quality) over time (named as weather effect), and due to the joint effect of parcels and overtime is captured through different specification of random error as follows in Equations (6-8).
Factorial designs are widely used in experiments involving several factors where it is necessary to study the joint effect of the factors on a response.
Officers said Berwick was a particularly busy area because of the joint effect of the bank holiday and the Scottish FA Cup Final.
05 (a) Effective MOE of the glulam groups were calculated without considering the butt joint effect.
The joint effect of Internet and computer use is about 7 percent more hours and nearly 20 percent higher hourly earnings.
Furthermore, the inspection variables also have a joint effect that does not differ significantly from zero.
GNC will offer smoothies in a variety of categories, including Sports Nutrition, Energy, On The Lighter Side, Good-n-Smoothie, and Lifestyle, with interesting combinations and names, including Hear He Roar, Go The Distance and Joint Effect.
When the system is broken into well-chosen patches, each adapts for its own selfish benefit, yet the joint effect is to achieve very good [solutions] for the whole lattice of patches.
To investigate the possible joint effect of lycopene and green tea on prostate cancer risk, a case-control study was conducted in Hangzhou, China, with 130 prostate cancer patients and 274 hospital controls.

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