joint participation

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All work is under the Joint Participation Agreement and Supplemental Joint Participation Agreement (SJPA) will be based on plans and specifications of the bid documents.
Lukarski suggested that partnership between Bulgarian and Serbian private companies could only be beneficial for both sides, adding that the two countries could join efforts for exports to third countries and for their joint participation in expos.
He along with the Osken LLC concluded an agreement with us on joint participation in tobacco export to Mongolia.
Russia and China will practice joint participation in peacekeeping operations, as well as counter-terrorism and anti-piracy actions in the Sea of Japan.
During the meeting held before starting the conference, they also discussed joint participation in military exercises, said a pres release issued here on Thursday.
Provoked by the joint participation of PDSH and BDI MPs at the Conference of Gender Equality in Pristina, Mariela Trajkovska in Dnevnik writes that what strikes the most is that the same MPs are silent at home at the Assembly sessions.
Some of the funds are for joint participation in fairs and another part is for the promotion of Macedonian wines at targeted events.
The joint participation of Tarculovski and BDI's Ministers of BDI in a match, was assessed shameful by the former NLA fighters and the families of the perished in village Ljuboten who consider that the gesture of the two Albanian ministers at the match is positive.
This output is not merely digital, but is communicated through real-world events as well, and accordingly TMSM is collaborating in a range of forms -- with people, things and places -- broadcasting its message through organic joint participation.
The joint participation of the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the festival is consequent to their entering into a Memorandum of Understanding to promote Cinema of India as a sub brand of "Incredible India" at various international film festivals like IFFI Goa, European film market, Cannes film festival and markets abroad, to develop synergy between tourism and the film industry and to provide a platform for enabling partnerships between the Indian and global film Industry.
Dnevnik has learned that the branches of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM in Kicevo have been meeting intensely over the past few days to agree a joint participation in the local elections in response to the joint participation of the Albanian parties, BDI, PDSH and RDK, who have all backed Fatmir Dehari, a candidate for mayor of Kicevo.
Release date- 18102012 - IndianOil and Korea Gas Corporation signed an MoU for joint participation in Exploration and Production of Gas and Oil at the global level and developing Natural Gas infrastructure projects and LNG sourcing.

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