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But others were horrified and thought the jokey comments were in bad taste.
He was referring to an appearance on the BBC's Newsnight on Tuesday when he made a jokey reference to Mr Martin nodding off during Tory leader David Cameron's response.
Even the NME were moved to comment: "Jerky, jokey Band Of The People blaring out indie dancefloor hits so supersonic that Richard Branson is trying to sell passenger tickets into space on them.
Elvis was such a charismatic guy and too many Presley tribute shows rely on jokey impersonations that completely miss the point.
He said: "I got a jokey e-mail from the chief executive asking why I haven't told them to stick their job yet.
Ford, whose The Contented Little Baby Book is a bestseller, was enraged when some jokey emails about her appeared on the website, and decided to sue.
ROBBIE WILLIAMS paid a jokey tribute to ageing rocker Mick Jagger as he kicked off his tour with a blistering show in Dublin.
Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt Krier ranks as one of the most influential urban planners and architects of Post-Modernism, but has always taken the historic repertoire seriously and resisted the lure of jokey irony.
In a canny juxtaposition of the jokey and contemplative, Mirror and Its Shadow, 2002, is included nearby.
The jokey script and Carl Andress's highly stylized production exemplify state-of-the-art camp, the form of failed seriousness in which the gap between intention and execution is exaggerated for comic effect.
Sometimes, it's true, the steps can be jokey, the movement continuity on the compulsive side, but new ground has more often been broken, as it was this season with The Beethoven Seventh, which premiered on January 22.