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The analysis suggested that, with the initial jokiness and cockiness, Boris was deriving some enjoyment from the game.
There was an appealing jokiness in the coinage itself, based as it was upon another term, the "Com-intern," which referred to the much more palpable prospect of Communist infiltration and organization in the West.
There is an uneasy disconnect between the earnestness of much of the action in A Warning and the generic jokiness of the induction.
New York-based Theatre for a New Audience presents a Merchant of Venice which is lean, intelligent and, for all its anachronistic jokiness, exemplary in its clarity.
Veering wildly between the glib action jokiness that has become standard issue since the "Indiana Jones" and "Lethal Weapon" movies and an incongruous morose tone, this "Robin Hood" has a contemporary feel aimed more at younger audiences unfamiliar with the anti-hero's vast cinematic canon.
In some cultures, such as Japanese, German and Scandinavian, jokiness is often seen as frivolous and unprofessional.
And as time goes on the jokiness seems rather tired.
John Pawson's clinically austere Novy Dvur Monastery (AR April 2004) butted up to the priapic fatuousness of Future Systems; Richard Murphy's precise, Scarpa-inspired projects segued into off-the wall jokiness from Ron Arad.
When Best announced that Beckham wasn't bad for a player with no left foot, who couldn't head a ball or score more than a few token goals it was viwed as tongue in cheek jokiness by Best.
Both Rodman and Marcus argue that at the heart of this jokiness that permeates Elvis's posthumous career are certain classist notions about art and culture.
But the film is not all tormented adolescent anguish - it also has a tormented adolescent jokiness that soon starts to grate.