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They would do it, though, if it were an amusement park ride," he says jokingly.
Fleischer had jokingly suggested that the correction system might reduce the weight of birds, although he did not pursue the idea.
Cross was heard to jokingly say after the cleanup, "With Cross Marine and Deep Blue Marine, it's one dam job after another - Hoover Dam that is.
Summary: At the world premiere of Prometheus, director Sir Ridley Scott has jokingly 'attacked' a reporter with a toy alien
Lahore, Apr 10( ANI ): Pakistan's main opposition party leader Nawaz Sharif has jokingly said he will even be a part of his team if it helps revive cricket ties between both sides.
Martin wound up with a large cut under his nose that he jokingly referred to as ``my mustache,'' but otherwise was unhurt.
Police somewhat jokingly speculated that the burglar may have brought the hand truck on his burglary attempt because he had a bad back, but soberly, they assume that he brought it along so that he could carry away the store's ATM machine.
In 1964, Fedotov toured America for the first time, working with sixteen orchestras and, at one point, giving twelve performances in ten days, an experience he jokingly said turned his hair from black to white--a feature that made him immediately recognizable.
Inverness Sheriff Court heard a young couple were jokingly throwing nuts at each other in a city pub when one hit Scott MacPherson.
A RADIO DJ who jokingly asked listeners how many beans were in a tin was shocked when they began phoning in with answers.
NLM also expects to prepare what Ackerman's team jokingly refers to as a "edition of the file.
Summary: At the European premiere of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, Helena Bonham Carter jokingly had a catfight with co-star Chloe Moretz.