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Clooney is superb and Pitt is quietly brilliant but then everyone is great, although it's Garcia, Reiner and (in what's really a guest spot cameo complete with joky 'and introducing.
Just seconds before the match, it was announced that the names were really joky anagrams for the two Princes.
Channel 4 had compounded the potential for offence by including a ``sometimes frivolous'' commentary and a joky story line about two other artists.
The clever thing lay in turning a nutty conspiracy theory into a joky film - but that was the first time around.
We were sitting in our hotel lounge waiting for our ambassador to arrive and we thought - in a joky sort of a way - that we should try our hand at writing a thriller.
HERO Tindall in training JIBE Fan's joky message at match FINDING TOUCH CCTV footage of Mike Tindall with blonde SCRUM ON DOWN Zara yesterday in Co Cork
They'd been cheering him up with joky tales of an alternative WI calendar in the style of the famous pouting Pirelli pin-ups.
35am) Sorcerors Vincent Price and Boris Karloff battle it out in Roger Corman's mildly joky treatment of Edgar Allan Poe.
finDinG tOuCh J CCTV of Tindall with blonde, and our story CrunCh JTindall in training JiBeJ Fan's joky message at match sCrum On 3DOWn Zara yesterday
The formula is tried and trusted - kids having a zany adventure, joky animals and something cute, in this case a baby seahorse.
Alas, like most Youngson productions, the effect is spoiled somewhat by Jay Jackson's supposedly joky commentary.
SCANDAL Mirror story WAVE Fergie in New York HEIR-LARIOUS Andrew roars laughing at an in-joke on a visit to Cambridge yesterday JOKY DUKE Andrew sees the funny side yesterday