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In shoe news jollier, DC has inked mash-up deals with Ben Davis, the work-pant maker as well as Shut Skates, New York's original street-skating brand, so there's that.
Surely there's no jollier way to give back than seeing the best of the Bard in a glorious, ancient amphitheatre?
In truth, he does seem much jollier and wittier than his image.
I worry, too, about the mini donkeys, who are far jollier than the horses but no taller than the split-rail fences.
There are, however, some basics when it comes to the more modest goal of making life a tad jollier in our cities and Montgomery's recipe seems reasonable enough.
Tis the season to be jolly and nothing could be jollier than a general manager serenading his guests with festive songs during the holiday season.
Gonzales believes that more Advent activities and focus on what the season is about are the key to a jollier holiday.
First on the list of treats was that veritable South African institution, Madame Zingara and her burlesque spectacular, hosted by a rather sinister MC called 'The Hot Mr C', who struck me as a rather jollier version of Papa Lazarou from The League of Gentleman.
It has a social group setup similar to Lift's, but it's exercise-centric, with a much jollier design.
Also, I want to be able to sit down quietly with a cup of tea and the paper without having something aurally unpleasant compulsorily inflicted on me in the belief that it will make me feel jollier and better able to get into the swing of things.
And a troupe of Chinese jitterbug dancers, who strutted their stuff with some of the jollier bands at last year's festival, is set to return this year but is promising to be "bigger and better".