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And the cab jolted in front of a steamy, greasy shop in a blaze of gas and in the smell of fried fish.
Edward instantly pricked up his ears to their utmost, and rattled off at such a pace that Mr Wegg's conversation was jolted out of him in a most dislocated state.
Their patroness then shut the door and sat herself down by her drum at an open window; and, the steps being struck by George and stowed under the carriage, away they went, with a great noise of flapping and creaking and straining, and the bright brass knocker, which nobody ever knocked at, knocking one perpetual double knock of its own accord as they jolted heavily along.
According to metrological office, those areas jolted by tremors included Lanhdi, Korangi, Malir, Shah Faisal Colony, Shahrah-e-Faisal and others.
8 on the Richter scale, jolted Kozushima, Miyakejima and Niijima islands at 4:15 a.
In the test, a standard specimen is jolted while bearing the full weight of a cone penetrator and the number of jolts until failure is counted.
In this test, a specimen is jolted on a platform while it is under the weight of a cone-shaped weight.