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Batangas was jolted by a swarm of earthquakes since the first one at magnitude 5.
2 magnitude tremor also jolted Negros Occidental Tuesday.
2 on the Richter scale jolted Ahar in East Azerbaijan province at 16:00 hours local time (1130GMT) Saturday.
2 : to cause to be upset <The bad news jolted us.
8 and 6, jolted Otaki, Nagano Prefecture, killing 29 people.
8 earthquake that jolted southwestern Mexico last week, devastating sections of Mexico City and three states on the coast and killing thousands of people, was unexpected only in the sense that it waited so long to happen, seismologists say.
Meanwhile, news channels reported that tremors jolted upper parts of the country including Dirbala, Mardan, Chitral, Lower Dir, Para Chinar, Swabi, Manshehra and Batgaram.