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To summarize job market trends, the experimental JOLTS data were aggregated into three categories--establishments with fewer than 50 employees (representing about 40 percent of private sector employment); establishments with 50 to 249 employees (representing about a third of private sector employment); and establishments with at least 250 employees (representing about a quarter of private sector employment).
Another tool that was used extensively by participants at the JOLTS Symposium is the Beveridge curve.
For additional information about SD West 2006 and the Jolt Awards, log on to http://www.
The first jolt created panic and people came out of their houses reciting Quranic verses.
The Bolivian quake packed more power than any other jolt in the last 5 years.
Failure in fewer than 30 jolts designates a brittle sand.
DataDirect[R] Stylus Studio[R] 2007 XML Enterprise Suite Wins the Jolt Productivity Award in the Design and Modeling Category for CMP Technology's Dr.
Since that time, strike-slip jolts have sprung up along the sides of the plate, southeast of Alaska and south of Japan.
0, launched in October 1998, has been honored by Software Development magazine with a Jolt Hall of Fame Award.
2 jolt that occurred May 23, 1989, on a submerged fault along the Macquarie Ridge.