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Well; we, in trifling with this jingling toy, have had the ill-luck to jostle and fall out.
The English lived in the north-east part, where Will Atkins and his comrades began, and came on southward and south- west, towards the back part of the Spaniards; and every plantation had a great addition of land to take in, if they found occasion, so that they need not jostle one another for want of room.
A surface is a busy molecular metropolis: Passing molecules restlessly jostle in and out of binding sites against the skyline of a material's atomic architecture.
Nagourney concurs but says his group will use a modified ion trap (now undergoing initial tests), which cancels stray electrical fields that otherwise gently jostle a confined atom, and a novel method of verifying that the trapped ion actually cools to absolute zero.
Seemingly unrelated at first, the three one-acts jostle each other in disconcerting ways.
Loder and Spencer have been suffering from seconditis lately, but Jostle looks capable of curing that.
As those ups and downs of road topography jostle the tire, they cause vibrations.
As he strides along the dusty street, pointing and gesticulating with enormous hands, his grubby band of followers jostle for position while they try to keep up.
Mundane existence, wonder, and trauma jostle for the upper hand.
Each city is treated as a self-contained box or entertainment suite, arranged at random like ready meals in a supermarket chill counter, where Thai, Italian, Chinese and Indian comestibles jostle for attention.
With smarter defensive Artificial Intelligence, players in "Sega Sports NBA 2K2" take away the baseline, quickly rotate to the open man, jostle for the best rebound position in the key, and intercept balls in the passing lane.
The diverse shapes and collaged elements jostle over the ink-jet-printed canvas like digital graffiti, the stiff, pixelated lines serving to anchor the object in the technical present.