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A book or log in which entries are made to record events on a daily basis. A book where transactions or events are recorded as they occur.

A legislative journal is kept by the clerk and is a daily record of the legislative proceedings. Typical entries include actions taken by various committees and a chronological accounting of bills introduced on the floor.


noun acta diurna, biographical record, chronicle, chronology, contemporary account, daily paper, daily register, daybook, diary, ephemeris, gazette, historical record, ledger, log, logbook, magazine, narrative, periodical, record, register, serial
See also: calendar, dossier, record, register

JOURNAL, mar. law. The book kept on board of a ship or other vessel, which contains an account of the ship's course, with a short history of every occurrence during the voyage. Another name for logbook. (q.v.) Chit. Law of Nat. 199.

JOURNAL, common law. A book used among merchants, in which the contents of the waste-book are separated every month, and entered on the debtor and creditor side, for more convenient posting in the ledger.

JOURNAL, legislation. An account of the proceedings of a legislative body.
     2. The Constitution of the United States, art. 1, s. 5, directs that "each house shall keep a journal of its proceedings; and from time to time publish the same, excepting such parts as may, in their judgment, require secrecy." Vide 2 Story, Const., 301.
     3. The constitutions of the several states contain similar provisions.
     4. The journal of either house is evidence of the action of that house upon all matters before it. 7 Cowen, R. 613 Cowp. 17.

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What say you, gentlemen, to the First Epistle to the Corinthians in our pious ministerial journal, and the reply Epistle to the Ministers in the opposition sheet?
But you know perfectly well that nothing is more likely to strike the king's mind than just those reasons the opposition journal has chosen to put forth.
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