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Well, I was the only journalist in the stand, and my journal the only one that had no account of it, for I was too shaken to write it.
Not a journalist was able to pass through the gate of the Glandier yesterday.
An obscure--incredible, unfathomable, inexplicable affair--and there is only one thing I fear, Monsieur Rouletabille,--that the journalists will be trying to explain it.
Disregarding the anger in his stare, I pointed out that whether the journalist was well- or ill-informed, the concern of the friends of these ladies was with the effect the few lines of print in question had produced--the effect alone.
Reported by a journalist for the amusement of the civilized Europe," he broke in scornfully.
4th, as some badly informed journalists had announced.
Screaming headlines in every paper in the country--damn all journalists, I say
Enough to make a man morbid, to be stalked by beastly journalists and stared at by gaping moon-faced idiots, wherever he goes
The celebrity bestowed upon Michaelis on his release two years ago by some emotional journalists in want of special copy had rankled ever since in his breast.
He further said that the government should take steps for the protection of journalists otherwise journalists community will be on the roads for there demands, adding that government should take steps to arrest the killers of both journalist.
NEP journalists were expected to accept the authority of the Bolshevik Party/state, to try to achieve the goals it set, and also to possess or acquire the skills and habits of the professional journalist.
This fellowship is open to one journalist per year.

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