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in doing so, journeyers learn about the cartography of altered space; they learn about levels of consciousness and being beyond the physical self and the identity of ego.
Examples of spiritual cop-out, when the journeyer uses spiritual insight or practice to avoid dealing with daily responsibilities, may take various forms, including the following:
I now think the complex tone of the secon d half of the poem involves a strong impulse toward bitter mockery of people who are too simple and foolish to know what's so wrong with human life, while that impulse is held in check by a desire to proclaim holiness, and also by a sense of satisfaction in having survived so many years of being the journeyer Mind.
When he enters unfamiliar environments, the journeyer of Xiyoubu loses the certain, unworried sense of mastery of Xiyouji's "Old Monkey.
He functions simultaneously as a "real person" in the mimetic sense and a figurative journeyer in the killing fields of an imaginary/unimaginable domain.
8221; According to Pratt, when this particular alternate state is achieved, the journeyer has “a foot in both worlds.
This shift in consciousness enables the journeyer to view life and life's problems from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary consciousness.
She also cautions the journeyer not to journey unprepared, and not to listen to the CD of drumming enclosed while driving.
WP: That sounds like one of the recurring motifs in your work, the old romantic hero on a quest, or journey, which is the oldest motif in western literature, starting with Homer, as Odyssey means journeyer.
One of the many great gifts of a regular shamanic journeying practice is that the journeyer is immersed in the logic of the Tao.
He has released six editions of his album Journeyer, a single edition of Volume 1 Euphonic: The Journey Continues, and an album Bollywood Breakdown.
Reviewing, then, we see major similarities between HCH and shamanic practices, and some differences born of culture and of the desire for the client or journeyer to experience self-empowerment.