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8221; According to Pratt, when this particular alternate state is achieved, the journeyer has “a foot in both worlds.
But what Americans take to be heroes in their fictions are most often "assumed heroes" (8), she argues, "successfully marketed" (124) but not true journeyers, heroes who have been given the mantle "without the trouble of actually enacting an existentialist quest" (155).
Singapore is also high on the list of holiday and business destinations for journeyers from other Arabic counties.
in doing so, journeyers learn about the cartography of altered space; they learn about levels of consciousness and being beyond the physical self and the identity of ego.
133) In other words, we can assess our current location on our hero's journey by the dragons, guides, gods, and fellow journeyers that we find ourselves surrounded by at a given time in our life.
Of course, spiritual journeyers have always existed--and they popped out on television in the 1960s and 1970s in the guises of Mr.
As dream journeyers, we may choose to go looking for them.
Here a 1920s Barcelona cable car, its intricate construction a monument to the defunct dream of man and machine working in perfect harmony, becomes a kind of time machine, successively populated by appositely dressed journeyers from various eras as it glides back and forth over the city's harbor.
Rather, the individuals who share their stories clearly fit the title of the book insofar as they are journeyers who have confronted both the ups and downs of an authentic and vital human experience.
Both journeyers also become swallowed in landscapes marked by heat, filth, desolation, and danger (Frodo through the marshes and vast, decimated territory of Mordor, the whisky priest in the harsh land of Tabasco and amid human squalor--a trash heap where he encounters his daughter, the jail where he finds communion with fellow sinners, among the great crosses and in the bitter rain as he approaches the state border).