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Twenty-five NATO nations and more than 1000 personnel is taking part in exercise TRIDENT JOUST 15.
Joust Media's design team have created hundreds of designs to cater for all types of small business, removing the need for the user to do so themselves
The Grand Medieval Joust was a hugely popular event last time it came to Belsay, and we were delighted to bring it back.
Given that so many outdoor events have been cancelled because of the poor weather we were expecting our joust to be popular," she said.
The winner of the joust gets to name which of the daughters he wants to marry and if she is available they will be married the next day.
Just before he put me in the armour, Adams, who is Canadian, recalled the first time he was hit in a competitive joust.
Coroner Anne Pember recorded a narrative verdict and said Paul had not been wearing a correct helmet and his shield had not been properly assembled for a joust.
The so-called Joust simulator consists of 12 jet pilot stations and four Eurofighter cockpits.
Finally, it has long been known, ever since Warburg in fact, that Flora as depicted in Botticelli's Primavera (and to a lesser extent Flora in his Birth of Venus) bears a close resemblance to Politian's description of Simonetta Cattaneo Vespucci, the lady to whom Giuliano de' Medici had dedicated the joust he won in 1475, who is twice described in the Stanze per la giostra di Giuliano de' Medici as "masked," that is, as wearing a shining white dress "painted" with flowers: "Candida e ella, e candida la vesta / Ma pur di rose e fior dipinta e d'erba.
The last tableau featured Goode and Liz Burritt lying sprawled across a mattress in a dark pit as they verbally joust with one another.
The annual summer festival officially starts this weekend with Joust at Cardiff Castle.
A Jousting tournament display by Destrier will show the drama and action of the joust, allowing fans to cheer on their favourite champion.