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But the thrill and exhilaration he felt putting on Gothic-style 16th-century armor and setting all his fears aside and besting a fellow jouster was an irresistible adrenaline rush, Moore said.
The sport has rules and scoring and technique, and now that I'm in this suit of armour, I can tell you that anyone who can mount a horse while wearing this stuff, much less accomplish what a jouster is trying to accomplish, is a skilled athlete.
William West, a professional jouster and armourer for nearly a decade, said: "There aren't many lady jousters.
Rated 77, something should improve past him and Jouster could be the one.
JOUSTER A 66/1 SHOT for his debut at Killarney, this Andy Oliver-trained Acclamation gelding was hampered at a crucial stage by the eventual winner, his stable-companion Further Detail.
My mouth drops in amazement as Jeremy Richardson reels off the long list of injuries from his 25 years as a professional medieval jouster.
That dream came true as she became the smallest jouster to take part in the medieval tournament at Warwick Castle on her own 2ft 6in pony Buzz, who was dwarfed by the statuesque steeds.
Mrs Brown is a sly verbal jouster whose heart is in the right place even if her lungs are 50%tar and her conversation 100%sauce and smut.
The traditional sport which almost claimed the life of Henry VIII, himself a keen jouster, has been revived at Warwick Castle for the thousands of tourists expected to flock there in the next few months.
Murtagh's only mount of the night was a winning one as the Aga Khan's Adiynara got the better of 5-4 favourite Jouster in the 1m1f maiden.
Here, in this picturesque setting, a team calling themselves the Knights of Middle England are reviving the traditional sport which almost claimed the life of Henry VIII, himself a keen jouster.