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Sir Thomas was as joyful as she could desire, and very kind and communicative; and she had so comfortable a talk with him about William as to make her feel as if nothing had occurred to vex her, till she found, towards the close, that Mr.
My dear Fanny,--for so I may now always call you, to the infinite relief of a tongue that has been stumbling at Miss Price for at least the last six weeks-- I cannot let my brother go without sending you a few lines of general congratulation, and giving my most joyful consent and approval.
Those who pray the rosary regularly will easily recognize our Gospel today, the Annunciation, as the first joyful mystery.
In "A Queerly Joyful Noise: Choral Musicking for Social Justice" Professor Balen deftly examines how choral singing can be both personally transformative and politically impactful.
Utah-based Prosperity Investments, which operates the Joyful ATM brand, announced this month that it has partnered with California-based Provision Interactive Technologies to put 3-D holographic displays into as many as 48,000 ATMs throughout the United States and 68 other countries over the next 72 months.
And today she kept her promise by giving an undisclosed, but "generous" amount to the Joyful Heart Foundation, which the organization confirmed, reports E
The waving of those torches is a joyful proclamation of The Resurrection of Christ, a bold declaration of the triumph of good over evil, love over hatred, generosity over greed, life over death.
MichA[umlaut]le Swiderski; A JOYFUL LIFE; KiCam Projects (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 18.
Modality is the team effort of IMpasto Animation Studios and Apprising Apps, which joined together to form Joyful Machines in 2016.
Apply mindfulness techniques and work toward greater awareness of the present moment with "Joyful Living" anyone can calm their busy life and focus on the joyful world around them.
Doubts about her stamina were well cast aside as she made all to win by five and a half lengths from Joyful Dribbler in 41.