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Gladly she plunged into the clear, cool waves, and floated back to her pleasant home; where the Spirits gathered joyfully about her, listening with tears and smiles, as she told all her many wanderings, and showed the crystal vase that she had brought.
And ye wise and knowing ones, ye would flee from the solar-glow of the wisdom in which the Superman joyfully batheth his nakedness!
Joyfully, intently, and at the same time timidly, he gazed at the approaching figure, and slowly he rose to his feet.
You know what for," he answered boldly and joyfully, meeting her glance and not dropping his eyes.
Brownlow, unwilling to deprive the elder son of the opportunity of retrieving his former vices and pursuing an honest career, proposed this mode of distribution, to which his young charge joyfully acceded.
The waterfront came alive to the sound of drums and chanting, and as the devotional music played the crowds danced joyfully.
The summer of love has arrived, and the highs of the rave scene are being joyfully embraced by the gang.
SIR - Do readers know that the Welsh flag, waved joyfully on St David's Day, bears no resemblance to the flag of David which was a yellow cross on a black background?
But I also remember as a child, the Nigerian people were so happy in spite of their circumstances, laughing and singing joyfully, sharing what they had.
Ms Dariescu, one of Forbes Magazine's '30 under 30' stars to watch, played joyfully, striking up a fine rapport with the orchestra.
Simon Callow may seem joyfully out of place as he considers the answer, but Brydon is a natural at this sort of cheap and cheerful format.
Children from the nursery put on their best festive dress and joyfully sang some popular Christmas carols including Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Away in a Manger and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.