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My wish for this precious nation is to abandon the spirit of violence and set an example to the entire world with its joyfulness and sense of liberty.
Thailand delegation featured Kala Dance from Northeast of Thailand, which tells about the joyfulness of young people after completing harvest.
We're all tuning in together to these characters' desires and wants and trying to retain a sense of play and joyfulness as we turn it into art," she says.
My brief encounter with Ali gave me first-hand experience of the joyfulness and playfulness that radiated from his larger-than-life personality.
Bulwer-Lytton's narrator even goes so far as to say that if you took the finest human beings from Western civilization and placed them among the Vril-ya, "in less than a year they would either die of ennui, or attempt some revolution" Egalitarianism is portrayed as a doctrine that can only destroy all the particularities, idiosyncrasies, and joyfulness of human existence.
However, just as the joyfulness, emotional meaning, and context of a song can be lost when it is translated into a few notes on a page of sheet music, this assemblage of poetry is clearly only part of the story.
A BOY was born to be a king, at St James' Park his name we'd sing, such perfect joyfulness he'd bring.
We wait for the brilliance and joyfulness of Easter Day, the colour and brightness of the resurrection day.
When this integral sadness was not present, the increase in joyfulness made low-ERA individuals make poorer ethical decisions.
The ongoing cooperation between the two authorities brought Kuwait back to its joyfulness and leading role," Al-Sane' said.
The themes generally move from childhood to old age, love to grief, sorrow to joyfulness, aggressive nationalism to corrupted politicians, and depression to psychosis.
JANE MOODY'S LIFE AND WORK ABOUNDED WITH JOYFULNESS, INNOVATION, surprise, love for family, friends, and colleagues, and, of course, intellectual brilliance of the highest order.