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This involves balancing such goods as self-expression, responsibility to others, joyfulness, commitment, attunement to reality and openness to new (often revelatory) experiences.
I still want to bring as much laughter and humor and joyfulness and great music to the franchise that I can.
Happily, conductor Yuri Botnari and his band sent everyone home with some sunshine with a string of encores to show the quirky, lighter side of Shostakovich and the joyfulness of Tchaikovsky.
He said: "Oscar brought people together across Northern Ireland, across the whole world people have been touched by Oscar's bravery and joyfulness.
Nina Steele seeks to change how our culture sidelines the childless by speaking out about the potential joyfulness of being childless; shrugging off the idea that not giving birth to offspring is tragic or indicative of a broken life.
Listen closely to Cameron's way of saying things and the joyfulness on the page will reveal an admirable caring and gentleness of character that not enough outsiders know about Aboriginal people.
Nowadays, though some bacari have become quite elegant, and in many places, cicheti have evolved into elaborate delicacies, the bacari still maintain the authenticity and joyfulness of their simple origins.
These people have been through incredible adversity," Jackson told Windspeaker, "but there's such a joyfulness about them.
Joyfulness has become the trademark of this movement, which, starting today, will change Costa Rican politics.
Ooredoo has introduced new smart packs as the first 4G-focused data packs ever provided in Qatar offering joyfulness to iPhone customers.
Sunshine On Leith is shamelessly sentimental, tugging heartstrings with abandon, but the joyfulness gradually wears us down until we''re powerless to resist.
Some workers like free food and drinks; others prefer workplaces that promote autonomy, or that reward joyfulness and esprit de corps.