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The 18th-century material is so richly self-contained that some may resent Ravenhill's desire in act two to bring in the present, which finds the same cast playing participants at a drug-fueled all-male London sex party that ends as joylessly as the first act concludes on a delirious note of mock-Handelian triumph.
Ady's poems became required reading joylessly recited by generations of Hungarian schoolchildren in bombastic voices of patriotism.
In the video Adelphi Sculptures, 1999, Wurm shuffles through a repertoire of "one-minute sculptures" joylessly, almost in desperation (shoe is wedged between wall and head; body is maneuvered under plush armchair; felt-tip pen is poised on toe of shiny shoe, etc.
While they trudged joylessly home through the Moss Side mist, down in the press room Blues manager Trevor Francis was admirably resisting the temptation to foist the old 'game of two halves' cliche upon the assembled scribes.
Dad would cut, rake, and bale, while my sister and I would joylessly wait for him to finish.
He plods on joylessly to "suggest at least eight reasons why regular Sunday Eucharist is so important for the.
While he succumbs to the joys of abandoning fixed objects and situations, he joylessly locks his subject into a spatially fixed and psychologized mentality.
The youth of Lawrence stood joylessly around the edges of the room, watching the band as though they were merely there to check out the competition from the big city.
In the eighties, vampires are joylessly portrayed as craven yuppies (Nicholas Cage in the 1989 Vampire's Kiss), or as affectless teens who should have just said no (The Lost Boys of 1987).
To bear the burdens of an engaged life and share its pleasures is better than to live joylessly in isolation.
Merrill puts language in divinity's place, but joylessly.
United are just two points off the top of the Prem, yet when you watch Van Gaal's team play so joylessly, you doubt whether he will ever be cherished at Old Trafford.