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This kind of cheering is also seen as a call for enthusiasm, raising morale and express joyousness in declaring victory and delightfulness in events, as well as being chanted as a sign of thanks and gratitude.
You could say that every aspect of life is celebrated within this one month, starting with the serious and solemn of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, then the fragile and delicate of Succot and now the happy and joyousness of Simchat Torah.
If in the vast body of brilliant work there isn't something for you, from the joyousness of the early singles to the innovations of Revolver and Rubber Soul to the spooky weirdness of the White Album, the fault might lie with you rather than the Fab Four.
Registering the changes, Yeats flatteringly remarked, just a year after dismissing her epistolary capacities, that her letters were now "delightful": "you are much the best letter-writer I know, or have known--your letters have so much unstrained animation, so much natural joyousness.
They wanted it to be that when you died you basically go back to that childlike innocence and pure joyousness.
More than a billion people turned their eyes toward London Friday to enjoy the spectacular opening of the Olympic Games, a display of joyousness and celebrations that signal how the world becomes, for the space of a few weeks, a global village.
He's a lovely guy and such a consummate professional that he adds this element of joyousness to it.
White Denim's frantic take on classic rock squeezed in hefty doses of far-out psyche, but brought a joyousness and enthusiasm that got bigger with every song.
Not to submit to power" was his motto; belief in the possibility of joyousness and wonder for each human being was his program; a righteous anger would help to pave the road there: "The distance is not great/To worlds of magnificent joy or nowhere.
Islamabad, Apr 18( ANI ): Pakistani players have expressed their joyousness after Bangladesh Cricket Board confirmed it's short two-match tour to the troubled nation.
Paul McGann, who starred in Russell's "The Rainbow," said the director "encouraged an irreverent joyousness on set and usually got it.
Klezmer Kollectiv Saturday, July 9, 5pm Originating as music for weddings and celebrations in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe, Klezmer has an infectious joyousness.