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Any resident of Southcentral Alaska, from the Kenai Peninsula to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, is sure to have been entertained in the last twenty years at Anchorage's Sullivan Arena by the thunder of a hockey game, the jubilance of Disney characters on ice, or perhaps the mischief of a holiday ice skating party with their children.
But despite his jubilance at the SNP surge, Cameron insisted the Tories were the party who would keep the UK together.
In his diary, Ickes expressed jubilance when his smear campaign began to crawl under Lindbergh's skin (581).
Al-Hilal and Al=Mereikh spread jubilance at Sudanese streets by qualification for first round of African championship.
After that a small fire is built in where girls take turns jumping over it in jubilance.
Reactions ranged from anger, shock and sadness to jubilance the day after U.
It's refreshing in its jubilance and variety--candid snaps of black celebrities at leisure, spanning industries and decades.
She enjoys the sexual jubilance of Lilith in their love making, as the gliding "planes of flesh within her" bring unexpected and extreme intimations of "pleasure or despair" (83).
We were barely seated when she had to leave me alone and withdrawn in the light and noise and jubilance of the restaurant.
Besides the competition, traditional musical events were also organized for the special persons where they performed and expressed jubilance.
He observes chaste flowers' jubilance and the pain they feel when picked.
at its wildness, its formless jubilance where we'd once felt