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He spoke as pro-democracy demonstrators in Cairo were jubilantly celebrating the announcement that Mubarak has resigned after nearly three decades of authoritarian rule and handed power over to the military.
The feverish demand pushed up the price of an Egyptian flag from LE10 to LE15 in some plush areas of the capital like Zamalek and Mohandiseen, jubilantly said Salem, who, a year ago, considered his job as a street hawker boring and monotonous.
Brown jubilantly punched the air as the bench exploded after the winner and keeper Jamie Langfield ran the length of the pitch to join the celebrations in front of the travelling supporters.
Justice," he shouted jubilantly, like a little Nelson Mandela.
Yitzchak Teshuva, head of the Delek Group that is part of the consortium probing the Leviathan field, has jubilantly exclaimed that the gas reserves will turn Israel into an energy exporter.
Wild, unpredictable curls defy gravity and convention, jubilantly bouncing as she loads power tools and heavy equipment into her truck.
It was AlonsoAAEs first triumph since he won the 2008 Japanese Grand Prix forAaRenaultAaand he weaved his car jubilantly across the track as he approached the chequered flag without a rival in sight.
With this piece, one traveled jubilantly and sometimes incredulously from imaginary landscape to Duchampian trompe l'oeil, from threatening visions to psychedelic constructions--a multiplicity of worlds made of odds and ends and delivered without airs, and one of the most prodigious artistic gestures of the year.
Mountbatten, who had by then assumed charge as viceroy, sent for Patel at once, jubilantly assessing that Patel by accepting the division of Punjab had implicitly recognised the principle of India's partition, too.
Some bits are jubilantly absurd others show wry restraint.
Acording to him, the Iranian people have "alertly, jubilantly and conscientiously" taken part in the event since the early hours in the morning when polling started.
After his swearing in, ordinary citizens jubilantly shared in the celebration at the Executive Mansion, as the White House was then called.