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they also commented that clutch judder also occurs due to misalignments in the drivetrain that may produce fluctuating pressure between sliding surfaces, thermo elastic phenomena on contact surfaces and external torsional vibration in certain resonant conditions.
4) Precise temporal conversion by up to +/-10% allows material to fit a time slot, and without introducing visible artifacts or judder due to frame dropping/duplication.
The IDT VHD1200 and VHD 2400 processors lock to a high range of motion to provide full detail with no judder on fast camera pans and smaller, fast-moving objects.
HD halo-reduced movie judder compensation and motion blur reduction
Scott, of Motherwell, said: "The car developed a prolonged judder if started from cold and began hanging in gear.
Pixelworks' DNX MotionEngine technology provides superior performance in reducing motion artifacts such as blur and judder, which helps deliver a viewing experience that differentiates our new TVs from those of our competitors.
Thanks to Judder for the Thailand Scouse, to Christine for the Laguna, Michelle and Julie for the lovely buffet and also Alan Davis for the Marque.
If your wipers judder and leave lines on the windscreen, then you should replace your wipers with new rubber attachments.
QUENTIN says: Sounds like Skoda have treated you quite well, fixing all the faults under warranty and offering to do the same with your gearbox judder.
Along with the rest of the industry, this problem of judder is one we at Hitachi have been working to solve for quite some time," said vice president of marketing, Daniel Lee.
The set's 200Hz refresh rate coupled with some nifty image processing means that blur and judder is minimal.
The judder in the market saw RBS give back some of its early gains but the firm still sat on top of the leaders' board with a gain of 3%, or 60p to 2069p.