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on the Judgment Debt will accrue at a rate of 8% per annum equivalent to
The complexity of ascertaining what property and income is exigible to satisfy a judgment debt illustrates this well.
If the court finds that assets have been transferred by a defendant with the intention of avoiding a judgment debt, then such transactions can, in certain circumstances, be undone.
Once a county court judgment debt has been paid off, you should apply to the court for a certificate of satisfaction to be added to your court file- which will then go on the credit reference agencies' files.
There is neither statutory nor constitutional justification for the release of the 150 million dollars now in escrow to pay the judgment debt of the Marcos estate," the Sandiganbayan ruled in its 32-page resolution.
Batelco Group has demanded full payment of the judgment debt totalling $212 million awarded by the English High Court of Justice against Chinnakannan Sivasankaran and Siva Limited following successful litigation in England.
relating to the Judgment Debt and 50% of the costs of trial.
In June 1997, Nam Tai filed a petition in the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") for the winding up of Tele-Art on account of an unpaid judgment debt.
28 million judgment debt has said that no bidding occurred for the project to build the stadia for Confederation of African Football CAN 2008 tournament.
We intend to collect the judgment debt as expeditiously as possible.
has been unable to repay a judgment debt owing to Nam Tai.