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The feature, included in every policy, provides instant judication which means that APRIL pays to resolve consumers' problems on-the-spot for most covered benefits while the vacationer is still traveling.
The hardbound book attempts to determine under which conditions international a judication can deal with environmental degradation and the ensuing international disputes.
In accordance with our rules, we will make no further comment and follow all standard procedures for judication.
9) The lex mercatoria is not created by national legislation or judication and is no international law.
Lewis said in an interview Monday evening that he based his decision on the ``extent of the charges, the onerous nature of the charges, the length of time over which these issues occurred, and the board's very careful rationale in the areas of judication and penalty, and I had no reason to do something other then what they recommended.
Monaghan, Stare Decisis and Constitutional Ad- judication, 88 Colum.
APRIL provides instant judication with no worries that the insurance company will find an out-clause later on," Schreier adds.