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Moreover, our interlocutor might contend that instances of what I have called "religious lawfinding" are nothing more than examples of "private ordering" where, beneath the protective wing of the ultimately sovereign state, individuals gather in association and agree to bind themselves to the rulings of the judicatories they create.
Again, as noted earlier, the Protestant and Anglican liturgical specialists entrusted by their judicatories with liturgical research and design often found support for their efforts from each other and from Catholics who themselves were engaged in the development and interpretation of the constitution and of the liturgical and instructional texts produced after the Council.
In these days when conflict is rife in national churches, regional judicatories, and local parishes, it is good for leaders to assess their own leadership styles and, in baptismal renewal, work for self-change.
With the advent of the Enlightenment, however, Pietism waned; but the crown filled the void with its hybrid United Prussian Church that dissolved the former Prussian Lutheran and Calvinist judicatories within its realm by royal decree in 1817.
While it is the case that each association (UCC) and region (Disciples) have had to adapt these procedures to meet the needs of their particular area, the "normalization" of these procedures has relieved judicatories of the need to "reinvent the wheel".
Contrary to Thomson's belief, Protestant and Jewish judicatories get sued like Catholic bishops and are held financially responsible for clergy sexual abuse.
Denominations and judicatories (presbyteries and synods) pour resources into conflict mediation and psychological treatment (read therapy) while denying church workers basic natural justice.
So some effort is being made to enable groups within the UCA to develop relationships and exchanges with comparable groups and judicatories of partner churches.
Addressing the implementation issues involved in establishing a joint ministry, particularly a joint parish, can be quite challenging for local judicatories.
Yet another confusing contemporary use of the term "mission" is found in the mission-statement exercise that corporations, service organizations, and government agencies undertake and that has now become common in congregations and church judicatories as they seek to focus on what God is calling them to be and do in their contexts.
Allow the observance of periodic special or ritual activities requested by offenders and deemed essential by the re spective religious judicatories or national offices of that religious group;
Picture what the Episcopal Bishop Claude Payne calls the apostolates of the laity, the clergy, and the judicatories.