judicial administrator

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He also affirmed the need to find radical solutions to the problems of the Basma centre for the training and employment of persons with disabilities, which has been managed since the Revolution by a judicial administrator.
The decision to select Frangulea was made by judicial administrator Euro Insol,following the recruitment process by Pedersen&Partners from 2013.
In relation to the seizures on September 23rd, the relevant Italian subsidiaries of GSF have filed to the competent Court the request for the appointment of a judicial administrator.
Euro INSOL was appointed the judicial administrator.
After the commencing of the insolvency procedure, the judicial administrator studies the debtor company, and informs the creditors about the possibilities of the reorganization of the company.
He was an outstanding maritime lawyer, an innovative judicial administrator, and a federal judge who changed the way people thought and lived.
The new board (Rudolf Vizental, Adrian Ionascu - general deputy director and Elenne Philip) has decided to attract a new investor and to put together selection procedures," said Rudolf Vizental, the representative of Casa de Insolventa Transilvania, the judicial administrator of Romstrade.
Remus Borza, representing Euro Insol, the hydropower producer's judicial administrator has announced that Hidroelectrica will establish supply offices in Budapest and Vienna, aimed at export to the energy market in Europe.
Beard's achievements were formally recognized when the Chief Justice and Judicial Council presented her with the Judicial Administrator of the Year Award in 2002.
Judicial administrators need to be aware of compassion fatigue and provide serious, not token, systemic support, particularly in cases where there is a risk of serious injury or death.
Such activities serve to enhance and improve the abilities of lawyers as counselors and advocates, and of judges as adjudicators and judicial administrators.