judicial assertion

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Insurance cover exists in the course of the professional activity of the insured persons for the extrajudicial and judicial assertion of claims for damages pursuant to 80 b clause 1 LfTV (locomotive driver collective agreement).
Retd) Talat Masood said that the judicial assertion challenged the monopoly of military in state affairs and the media had played a central role in the lawyers' movement for independence of judiciary.
The difficulty, as Ron regularly pointed out, arose from the impossibility of reconciling the judicial assertion that one could not reason from disposition with the simple fact that the entire issue was about disposition.
Abortion is a public health issue, and our national abortion policy is built upon the judicial assertion that abortion is "safe.
Modern legal realism is at the root of both judicial assertions of individual rights anchored only in judges' idiosyncratic moral intuitions, and opposition to judicial activism anchored only in positivistic assertions of the power of majorities.

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