judicial assistant

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He has directed the former minister to appear in court in next week and appointed Babar Sattar as judicial assistant.
Colletti was recently a case administrator, courtroom deputy and judicial assistant in the U.
In the first case, Fourth Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey resigned in January the day before the House Public Integrity and Ethics Committee was set to look into charges pending at the JQC that he misused law clerks, used his judicial assistant for personal tasks, and made racially charged statements.
Guerrero served as a Judicial Assistant from 1997 through 1999 with the U.
Unless instructed otherwise, a judicial assistant is likely to approach a research assignment by investigating both British and Hong Kong law.
Subsequently, Judicial Assistant Khwaja Haris observed that a case could be filed against such persons under Article 212 and 216 of Pakistan Penal Code.
Senior judicial assistant Yousuf Jan Marwat was working on several assignments regarding the president's immunity, The Dawn reports.
My first judicial assistant was a typewriter person," he recounted.
On the first occasion I happened to come across the judge's judicial assistant photocopying the articles for the judge after the draft had been circulated.
Lancaster School District incumbents Mel Kleven and John Miller will face challenger Joseph Edward Weissburg, a judicial assistant.
And my judicial assistant needed time to find employment that fitted into her own plans.
He also worked as a judicial assistant at the Court of Appeal as part of a scheme introduced by Lord Woolf.
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