judicial branch

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This new policy, which has been in place since 2011, represents a 180-degree turn from the council's previous policies, when all actions against members of the judicial branch were kept quiet.
We really like the GUI interface, particularly the rollback and history features," said Jane Gu, judicial branch platform analyst.
That snap you hear is the judicial branch falling off.
Constitution, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Political Participation.
The Chief Justice presides over a corps of some 2,000 federal judges, and over the judicial branch, which includes a staff of 30,000.
But we're working very closely with the judicial branch of Government.
STATE GOVERNMENT LIKE federal government, has three inde3 pendent branches: the legislative branch which enacts the laws; the executive branch which enforces them; and the judicial branch which resolves legal disputes.
The American Institute of Architects recently awarded DLR Group, a full-service architecture, engineering, planning and interiors firm, and associate architect Kaplan/McLaughlin/Diaz of San Francisco a citation for the design of the Judicial Branch Building in Des Moines, Iowa.
In effect, our nation's highest judicial branch has given out a free pass for companies to hire and fire at will a silent, disarmed pool of laborers.
His tone becomes very pessimistic when he deals with the judicial branch.
Headquartered in Topeka, KS, the Kansas Judicial Branch provides management and oversight for the Kansas Court System, including the Kansas Supreme Court, Appellate Courts, District Courts, and Municipal Courts.

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