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Judicial system - the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government - is lifeline of a nation.
Other agencies, boards, and commissions under the jurisdiction of other constitutional officers, the legislative or judicial branch of government, the state board of education, higher education and units of local governments are not required to utilize the contracts, but are eligible and will be allowed to do so if they so choose.
The Conscience Front also outlined the importance of drafting a new judiciary law which would reform the judicial branch of government and guarantee its full independence.
Indeed, there is no difference between the conflicts of political forces, which have turned into confrontation in which blood was shed in Tahrir once again, and the disagreements of state institutions, the President and his party on the one hand, and the judicial branch of government on the other, which have turned into a major crisis that could have been avoided.
The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Nationalist Alliance) or Bayan, said that with the appointment by Aquino of erstwhile Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno as the new Supreme Court Chief Justice, Filipinos should not let their guard down against the emergence of a judicial branch of government that is open to the dictates of the Chief Executive (Aquino).
We believe the judicial branch of government has a historic opportunity to restore our people's confidence in the judicial system," he said.
But the Karam case represents a worrying sign for the judicial branch of government, and only deflates people's confidence that the judicial system is somewhat better than other parts of the state.
If you run afoul of the administration bureaucracy, you can be targeted for financial ruin and public humiliation without the benefit of the Constitutional protections which a defendant enjoys when a case is filed for prosecution in the judicial branch of government.
Electronic access also allows the public easy access to the public records of the judicial branch of government, which fosters a better understanding of the court system and improved accountability and transparency.
Ireland was an ardent supporter of the Judicial Youth Corps, a program designed to teach high school students from Worcester and Boston about the judicial branch of government and fundamental principles of law.
However, this law has a number of different interpretations for the convenience of management of the judicial branch of government to use administrative resources and it provides for the telephone justice," noted Umetalieva.
Trust in the judicial branch of government is at 66%, down from last year but roughly in line with readings since 2003.

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