judicial contest

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Pursuant to the second power, it promulgated a statute providing that, in deciding whether to count electoral votes, Congress will regard the results of a state judicial contest as binding if it is completed six days before the Electoral College meets (which in 2000 meant December 12) and is resolved in accord with preexisting law.
Since freedom of travel is guaranteed under the European Community's charter of rights, and Ireland is a member of the EC, the political and judicial contest escalated, making the girl herself, and her supportive parents, unhappy pawns in the struggle between Church and State.
In oratorical narratio, to be sure, the power of mimesis is always instrumental to something else: the goal is persuasion, not so much about "facts" for their own sake as about what they mean for the judicial contest.
Another letter-generating race was the judicial contest for Lane County Circuit Court judge between Alan Leiman and Debra Vogt.
SALEM - An unprecedented six-figure contribution reported this week to Oregon Supreme Court candidate Jack Roberts made all but certain that the race will be Oregon's first judicial contest to pass the million-dollar mark.
For these judicial elections, Hall looks at ballot roll-off, which represents the degree to which voters who show up to vote actually fail to complete their ballots and do not register a vote on the judicial contests lower down on the ballot (pp.
Timmer said there was a campaign to encourage voters to fill out their entire ballots, including the judicial contests, which are located toward the bottom of the document.
Congressional investigations are not judicial contests.

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