judicial contest

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Pursuant to the second power, it promulgated a statute providing that, in deciding whether to count electoral votes, Congress will regard the results of a state judicial contest as binding if it is completed six days before the Electoral College meets (which in 2000 meant December 12) and is resolved in accord with preexisting law.
In oratorical narratio, to be sure, the power of mimesis is always instrumental to something else: the goal is persuasion, not so much about "facts" for their own sake as about what they mean for the judicial contest.
In the most closely watched judicial contest in the country, Judge Lloyd Karmeier, a pro-legal reform candidate, was elected to the Illinois State Supreme Court in the state's fifth district that encompasses Madison County, notorious for its abusive legal system.
But, the second type of judicial contest - retention elections - is different.
Another letter-generating race was the judicial contest for Lane County Circuit Court judge between Alan Leiman and Debra Vogt.
In the 1994 judicial contest between Rogers and Commissioner Victor Reichman, both campaigns raised and spent $308,969.
SALEM - An unprecedented six-figure contribution reported this week to Oregon Supreme Court candidate Jack Roberts made all but certain that the race will be Oregon's first judicial contest to pass the million-dollar mark.
The only time we usually have a judicial contest is when there's a vacancy," said Bruce Bradley, assistant registrar of voters.
The unusual race revealed some seldom-considered aspects of judicial contests and the elections process.
Hawkins told attendees that Bar polls show only 10 percent of Florida voters fully understand the merit retention process, and 30 percent of those who cast ballots in high profile elections at the top of ballots fail to reach the judicial contests, which are usually at the bottom of the ballot.
For many reasons, however, that option has never been a favored method for achieving election in judicial contests.
He had a good story and was able to stand out," says Todd Olsen, a GOP consultant who has worked on a number of judicial contests over the years.

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