judicial proceeding

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5) Nothing in this rule shall be construed to limit or impair the authority of a chief judge, presiding judge, or quasi-judicial officer to exclude any item from the courtroom or the courthouse in order to ensure that judicial proceedings are not disrupted; the orderly administration of justice; enforcement of the rule of the sequestration of witnesses; court security; or the protection of the privacy rights of litigants, witnesses, or other participants in the judicial proceeding.
The trustee/executor had no excuse for failing to bring a judicial proceeding in state court to reform the trust.
32) Moreover, the Court acknowledged that it holds no supervisory authority over state judicial proceedings and could only create a judicial remedy that would apply in state courts if the treaty itself provided for the same.
and Seventh Circuits have found a judicial proceeding to be pending when
77) The statute provides such "sole discretion" of the Chief Counsel may not be delegated and, further, may not be reviewed in any administration or judicial proceeding.
The judge's order to commence judicial proceedings against the accused, the auto cabeza del proceso, typically authorized the scribe to conduct necessary investigations "until uncovering the truth of the incident.
It is my understanding that India would be able to obtain access to David Coleman Headley to question him in a properly constituted judicial proceeding," Chidambaram said.
The AJCA provides that, notwithstanding any other provision, any IRS determination on rescinding the penalty may not be reviewed in any judicial proceeding.
It is now in the hands of a judicial proceeding and we are willing to wait for the outcome.
At the taxpayer's request, Appeals may consider the validity of the underlying tax liability not considered in any other previous administrative or judicial proceeding.
Yet the House of Representatives now is urged to accept the idea that, although perjury is felonious, destructive to our system of justice and poisons every judicial proceeding it touches, these defenders invite us to find it does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense,'' Rogan said.
6226(b)(6) gives the TMP the right to intervene on behalf of the partnership in the judicial proceeding.