judicial process

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A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice, Mian Saqib Nisar issued the notice, banning Shahid Orakzai's entry in SC premises, as he has been seen maligning the judicial process by filing petitions.
In addition, the barriers to frivolous litigation have historically been low, miring the judicial process in excessive litigation that prevents genuine disputes from being heard in a timely manner.
This text provides cases and materials on the judicial process in the US, covering the basic federal court and state court structures; the role of the law clerk; the role of trial and appellate judges; case assignment and recusal; judicial selection, retention, and oversight; specialty courts like juvenile courts and problem-solving courts; alternatives to traditional litigation; judicial power and independence; common law reasoning and statutory and constitutional interpretation; civil law and other systems; bias in the judicial process; and types of writing and basic writing skills for clerks.
The minister further said Mallya's extradition is part of the judicial process in the UK.
Chief Justice, Maulana , Haidar Ahmed Dafallah, has congratulated the judges , calling for intensified judicial work and the development of the judicial process, which contributes to the stability of judges and carry out their duties .
MFA remains deeply concerned over the long-drawn judicial process related to Mr Shoo Chiau Huat and his prolonged detention in Indonesia since 16 April 2016.
Blasting government officials and courts for failing to follow up on the bombings and their victims, he said, "Three years have passed and the pain has not lessened, due to victims and their loved ones waiting for the judicial process to take place.
I am surprised Yvonne would have found herself in that position, however, the judicial process has to go on and presumably action will be taken.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Residents of Cerattepe, a small town in the northeast Black Sea province of Artvin, continue to resist the opening of a gold mine in the area while judicial process is ongoing against building of the mine.
New Delhi: Congress and BJP were cautious in reacting to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's conviction in a disproportionate assets case describing it as part of the judicial process while CPI felt this will have "far-reaching" implications in state and national politics.
Ejercito said the judicial process would sort out the guilty parties from those who are really innocent in the pork barrel scandal.
The jury ban caused concern internationally, but the decision actually afforded black citizens a fairer judicial process.