judicial pronouncement

See: ruling
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The question of passive euthanasia (mercy killing) needs a comprehensive examination as there is no authoritative judicial pronouncement on the issue," the apex court said.
The political process works better than constitutional amendment or judicial pronouncement at establishing and entrenching public norms because it presents the possibility for republican deliberation.
The time has now come for the judicial pronouncement," said Dwivedi.
There remains one category of treaty--at the opposite end of the historic continuum--that lacks judicial pronouncement on the subject of consultation.
26) Hence, this Court has determined that cases raising a generalized grievance would meet the injury-in-fact requirement only where there is a clear showing that the action challenged has caused or will cause an individual injury and that a judicial pronouncement of rights will be likely to redress that injury.
There may be considerable dissonance between judicial pronouncement and corrections behavior.
The appellants may have had a grievance and a right to peaceful demonstration, but they cannot claim a right to cause grave inconvenience and humiliation to others, merely because a competent criminal court has handed down a judicial pronouncement that is not to their liking," the bench said.
Now the latest judicial pronouncement says a man can be a "widow.
Apparently the ancient judicial pronouncement that "the prospect of hanging focuses the mind wonderfully", is now acknowledged as torture, in part because of this being so often inflicted on the innocent.
Rather, the Company sought a judicial pronouncement that it had met all contractual obligations under the Franchise Agreements.
The legacy and thought provoking judicial pronouncements of the Chief Justice are going to prove a beacon light for the judicature for all times to come.
47) Because stare decisis makes the law consistent and knowable, this doctrine invites public reliance on judicial pronouncements.